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Sharing NEWS has never been easier

Posted Date: 02/26/2020

Thumbnail Image for Article Sharing NEWS has never been easier

An everyday task made easier with Gabbart Communications. Sharing news from one campus or organization to your home page is now just a few clicks!

We created a news article page type that makes it simple to add a news article that can include links, videos, audio, even iframe another website or embed a google document. Then we really change the game when we created a news feed option on the home page and home pages of any organization or any sidebar area.

What does this mean for you? You can feed elementary news, middle school news, high school news, sports news, FFA news or any news you want, directly to the home page! You can also feed District news to any campus with just a few clicks as well.

This is truly a game-changer for communications and sharing news across your district and campuses!

You can choose the display whether horizontal or verticle and how many articles you wish to display in the news feed as well.