In today’s world, people are continuously connected via phone, text, e-mail, and social media. Parents expect schools to provide the same flow of information to them about their children. Gabbart Communications is meeting this need through the E-Notes family of products.

 Key Benefits 

•    Emergency Notification

•    Increase Parental Engagement

•    Impact Student Performance

•    Improve Public Relations

•    Unlimited Communications Tools for Teachers

•    Budget Friendly

 Key Features 

•    Cloud Based – No Hardware Needed

•    Integrated with Student Information Systems

•    Unlimited E-Notes Lists

•    Parents with multiple children ONLY receive one call.

•    Leaves Messages on Voice Mail & Answering Machines

•    Easily Control Access to Who Can Send Messages

•    Customize Caller ID

•    School controls call attempts for Busy & No Answer numbers.

•    Text-To-Speech Attendance Notification

•    Integration with School Website Allows Easy Management

•    Gabbart’s Training & Support

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